Pyroclassic IV


The Pyroclassic is considered the cleanest burning, most efficient and environmentally friendly wood heater in New Zealand.
Not your normal steel built heater; this unit has been designed to be the most advanced, low carbon and highly efficient heater on the market

The Pyroclassic ceramic fire chamber retains heat like a kiln. This impressive heat storage capacity means you can enjoy the convenience of extended burn times and a consistent release of heat. Reload less and stay warm for longer with a fuel efficiency rate of only 1kg per hour*.

This incredibly efficient heater owes its performance to its unique Circular ceramic fire chamber...

.Suitable for homes 130m² - 200+m²
.Available with a 3.7kW high output wetback for all your domestic hot water needs.
.New Zealand's only clean air approved wood fire to provide a 12 hour+ overnight burn*
.More than 200 colour variations!
.Very low 1.1kg per hour fuel consumption rate.
.Deluxe heavy duty cooktop with a usable cooktop area of 1,521cm² and Optional Oven Lid

.Suitable for homes less than 120m²
.Available with a 1.5kW wetback booster
.Clean air approved low emission burner
.More than 200 colour variations
.Very low 0.9kg per hour fuel consumption rate

Standard Colours...
•Antique Steel
...Plus... 100 Colours to choose from in the Australian colour range at no extra charge.

Special Pyro Panel Colours from N.Zealand.... Add. $ 350.00

For more product information visit the Pyroclassic Website...

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Inc. Freight out of Victoria...

Pyroclassic IV... $3,990.00

NEW Pyro Mini... $ 3,250.00
... Allow approx. 4 weeks delivery

Wineberry & Antique Steel Standard
& 100 Colours to choose from ($0.00)

Special Colour... $350.00 (ex.NZ)

Oven Top... $330.00
3.7Kw Wet Back... $499.00
Pyroclassic Log Rack... $399.00

Wall Screens...
Rear Wall Screen... $249.00
Corner Wall Screen... $399.00

Wood Box / Hearth...
Large Wood Box-Hearth... $790.00
Mini Wood Box Plinth... $640.00

Flue Kit...
Pyroclassic'c 100mm Eco Flue Kit to suit flat ceiling... $790.00
Pyroclassic'c 100mm Eco Flue Kit to suit sloping ceiling... $880.00
Standard 150mm Default Flue Kit.... From $ 490.00


.Dimensions: L 650mm x W 455mm x H 625mm
.Weight: Approximately 140kg
.Maximum heat output: Up to 15kW
.Useful heat output: 2kW - 8kW
.Fuel consumption rate: 1.1kg/hr
.Emission rate: 0.3g/kg (Dry and Wet)
.Efficiency rate:
.74% space heating (Dry) 
.83.3% with wetback (65.3% space, 18% water)
.Air control: Primary & secondary, fully automatic
.Start up control: Manually adjustable Turboslide 
.Cooktop area: 1, 521cm² - 10mm thick plate

Dimensions: L 452mm x W 455mm x H 625mm
Weight: 100kg
Maximum heat output: Up to 10kW
Useful heat output: 2kW - 6kW
Fuel consumption rate: 0.9kg/hr 
Emission rate: 0.3g/kg (Dry and Wet)
Efficiency rate:
66.5% space heating (Dry) 
67.5% with wetback (58.7% space, 8.8% water) 
Air control: Primary & secondary, fully automatic
Start up control: Manually adjustable Turboslide
Cooktop area: 812cm² - 10mm thick plate

  • Enjoy a cleaner, warmer and more efficient home with a Pyroclassic Fire.

    What is a Pyroclassic Fire?
    From all available independent tests, reports and reviews the Pyroclassic IV is consistently chosen as the number 1 top performer, it will provide you with up to 15kW of both radiant and convection heating directly into your home which is more than enough for homes up to 200-250m2 or 2500 sq feet, it can supply enough hot water for the largest of families and will also give you a means of cooking in various ways.

    Fundamentally, the Pyroclassic IV is a heat store, a very, very good one.
    With over 40kgs of ceramic heat storage capacity it has the ability to recover masses of excess heat generated by a hot, bright fire inside its thick cylindrical fire chamber, it is this heat storage capacity that gives the Pyroclassic IV its ability to release heat into your home all night, every night