Morso Modern

The Morso Modern Range... The stylish and minimalist design of the S10 series in Mild Steel or the timeless, elegant and unique properties of Cast Iron with the 7600 and 7900 series of wood heaters.... it your decision.

Morso S10-40 Steel Free Standing Stove & Morso S10-70 Wall Mounted Stove...

– New and beautiful design stoves with large front glass
The Morsø S 10-40.10-70 heaters have a stylish and minimalist design, and are part of Morsø’s new range of steel stoves with a focus on modern expression. The front of the stove is dominated by the beautiful, large glass door, which ensures maximum enjoyment of the fire and also gives the stove a youthful and exclusive exterior.

Morso 6100 Cast Iron Series
... 6148 with pedestal (no log drawer)
... 6143 with full body (with log storage)
The Morso 6143 is constructed using only the highest quality recycled cast iron, delivering a robust product that provides longevity while employing a refined and timeless design. Behind the glass Morso has developed a combustion technique in which pre-heated air has a higher temperature in the combustion chamber which burns off flue gases providing you with a cleaner and more environmentally friendly combustion technology which ensures optimal fuel utilisation.

Morso 6600 Cast Iron Series
... 6643 with full body (with log storage)
... 6670 Wall Hung (non combustible wall)
The artistic expression of the Morso 6643 sets it apart from the crowd. The stoves elliptical cast-iron shape is complimented by a unique double door maximising the glass area and providing a spectacular 180 degree view of the flames.

Morso 8100 Cast Iron Series
... 8148 with pedestal (no log drawer)
... 8142 with full body (with log drawer)
The Morso 8142 log drawer fire sets new standards in stove design both in terms of functionality and aesthetics. The 8142 has a clean and simple design, where the combination of soft, rounded contours and simple details give the stove a light and timeless look.

Morso 7600 Cast Iron Series
... 7648 with pedestal (no log drawer) **Special Order** allow 4 months delivery
... 7644 with legs (with log drawer)
... 7642 with full body (with log drawer)
With its elegant, organic rounded form and large glass viewing area, the 7600 Series is bound to please.
These unique design elements provide the stove with a personal style and a soft organic touch, yet still produced in the robust and almost indestructible material: cast iron

Morso 7940 Cast Iron Series
... 7940 with full body
... 7948 with pedestal
The elegant new Morsø 7940 series is a sleek, modern, wood-burning stove. The cylindrical design of the cast iron firebox features a new push-pull closing door system and an extra large 180° flame panorama that allows the fire to be equally visible from all parts of the room, even the sides.

For more product information visit the Australian Morso Distributor Website...

Set your heater installation apart from the rest with an approved Morso Glass Hearth... Tear Drop Design or Circular with straight rear edge.

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6143... $ 2,980.00
6148... $ 2,835.00
6643... $ 4,535.00
6670... $ 4,415.00
7642... $ 4,900.00
7644... $ 4,900.00
7648... SPECIAL ORDER... $ 4,625.00
7943... $ 4,415.00
7948... $ 3,980.00
8142... $ 3,610.00
8148... $ 3,610.00
S10-40... $ 3,640.00
S10-70... $ 3,150.00
Glass Corner Hearth... $ 800.00


S10-40.......Top or Rear Flue
S10-70.......Rear Flue Only
.Ave. Heat Output... 5kw
.Heating Capacity ... 10-12sq's
.Efficiency ... 74.0%
.Ave. Emissions ... 3.6G/KG

7600 Series...
.Top or rear flue
.Ave. Heat Output... 6.5kw
.Heating Capacity ... 10-12sq's
.Efficiency ... 65.0% (7642/44) & 73 (7648)
.Ave. Emissions ... 2.2G/KG (7642/44) & 3.4G/KG (7648)

7900 Series...
.Top or rear flue
.Rated output... 7.3 kw
.Heating Capacity ... 12-15sq's

  • If you are contemplating choosing a Morsø you’ll have fallen for Morsø’s timeless look. You’ll have fallen in love with cast iron’s unique properties. And you’ll be convinced by our stoves’ obvious plus points in terms of the environment.

    But believe us – when you describe your relationship with your Morsø in a few years’ time, it won’t be the design, cast iron or environment which will fuel your fondness. By then, your stove will have long become one of the best-loved items of furniture in your home. A good friend, you will share a special sense of inner peace and harmony. A trusty source of comfort, you will love it for its sound, look and warmth. And for the glow of happiness it has spread throughout the house year after year.

    To choose a Morsø is, in other words, to make a choice for life.