Jindara Outback Range

Jindara's ongoing successes in the wood heating industry allow us the flexibility to develop new models and designs. "Quality Through Integrity" has long been the motto at Jindara, a motto we are proud to say we enjoy achieving.

At the heart of all Jindara Outback certified woodheaters is a 100% Australian made durable steel firebox backed by our Ten Year Warranty.

.Flat models... Riverina, Barossa, Barwon, Cottage Oven, Homestead and Sturt
.Bay Window models... Sorrento, Pyrenees and Mallee
.Duplicity or Duo Through-Wall woodheaters
.Toughened 6mm ceramic glass
.Removable 8mm steel baffle plate
.Airwash system / glass cleaning process
.Fire brick lined to ensure maximum heat efficiency
.Modern manufacturing techniques ensure that the integrity and strength of the firebox is preserved
.Powerful 3 speed fan for fast air circulation

The Jindara Outback Series offers incredible diversity so there is a model to suit every application in heating your home. Stylish Insert models to replace that inefficient open fireplace or why not create your own special fireplace using the Jindara Zero Clearance Cabinet. The Jindara freestanding range offers many options from small radiant or fan forced to large capacity units perfect for open living areas. You can even have the option of heating two living areas with the Duplicity or Duo Through-Wall woodheaters. Reliability, performance and durability are what you will expect from the Jindara Outback Series.

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Pedestal & Insert Models...
.Heating Capacity ... 32/28sq's
.16" maximum log length.
.3 Speed Fan.
.Max. Efficiency ...65.0/65.0 %
.Ave. Emissions ... 1.3/1.4G/KG

Barossa SRS 3...
.Heating Capacity ... 26/24sq's
. 16" maximum log length.
.3 Speed Fan.
.Max. Efficiency ... 72/67%
.Ave. Emissions ... 1.4/1.5G/KG

Riverina Insert SRS3...
.Heating Capacity ... 18/16sq's
.14" maximum log length.
.3 Speed Fan.
.Max. Efficiency ... 69/72%
.Ave. Emissions ... 0.9/0.9G/KG

Homestead Freestanding...
.Heating Capacity ... 18sq's
.16" maximum log length
.3 Speed Fan.
.Max. Efficiency ... 69%
.Ave. Emissions ... 0.9G/KG

.Heating Capacity ... 28sq's
.18" maximum log length.
.3 Speed Fan.
.Max. Efficiency ... 67.0%
.Ave. Emissions ... 2.4G/KG

.Heating Capacity ... 40sq's
.28" maximum log length.
.3 Speed Fan.
.Max. Efficiency ... 67.0%
.Ave. Emissions ... 1.4G/KG

Sorrento Bay Window Freestanding...
.Heating Capacity ... 22sq's
.18" maximum log length.
.3 Speed Fan.
.Max. Efficiency ... 73.0%
.Ave. Emissions ... 1.0G/KG

.Cottage Freestanding Woodheater & Cooker ... heats up to 12 sq
The Jindara Cottage can cook and heat simultaneously.

  • Jindara Heating was established in the late 80's and was acquired by A.F. Gason Pty. Ltd. in 2001. As part of a company expansion program, during this time we have seen many additions to the range of both wood and gas heaters, all of which are reflected in this website. With an Australian wide dealer network, that is able to offer professional and obligation free advice for all your heating needs, remember our motto "Quality Through Integrity" and choose a Jindara heater.