Offering all the ambience and beauty of an open fireplace and requiring minimal brick work to install.

The Jetmaster Universal wood burning fireplace will enhance the comfort and warmth of any home. From traditional to contemporary, the design options with the Jetmaster universal are endless.
If you already have an existing fireplace then it is simply a matter of sliding the appropriate sized box into the brick fireplace and using the existing chimney. No additional fluing is required.
Clean burning and designed not to smoke* into the room and featuring a two way convection and radiant heating system up to five times more efficient than a conventional brick open fireplace. Inbuilt Zero Clearance, double sided, freestanding units and inserts for existing fireplaces are available. The optional Clip on safety screen provides the ultimate in security and child protection.


.Radiant heat plus convected heat naturally - The Jetmaster is designed to draw in cold air, heat it and then as it rises vent it out as a stream of hot air
.Energy saving efficiency. Damper system allows you to slow down and control the rate of burning
.Wood is burnt down to a fine ash in the logpan, ensuring minimal cleaning and a slower burn rate
.All Jetmaster fires burn both wood and gas and can easily be converted from wood to gas
.With 12 sizes available it is simple to fit a Jetmaster fireplace into an existing brick fireplace
.The Jetmaster emits up to 5 times more heat than an average brick fireplace with half the wood consumption.
.The Jetmaster Universal wood burning fire is approved under Emission Standard AS 4013
.Easy maintenance, the logpan only needs to be cleaned once or twice a season depending on frequency of use.
.Child safe. Hook-on safety screen secures fire, which can be left unattended for burning overnight.
.Unconditional 15 year guarantee on Jetmaster firebox.
.Zero clearance fireboxes available for new constructions.

Five sizes with a range of colour and finish options. Simple installation. No brickwork or plasterboard required.

Double Sided:
Two sizes 700 and 1050. As a room divider or a feature between two separate rooms.

  • When Jetmaster was first introduced into Australia in 1980 it basically revolutionized the open wood fireplace market. Before Australians were putting up with inefficient, costly to build and often smokey brick fireplaces.

    Then Jetmaster changed that with a simple prefabricated firebox kit which required minimal brick work, was guaranteed not to smoke and provided far more heat than a conventional fireplace.