Neo Insert by Pacific Energy

The latest in Wood Heating technology and performance – The Neo Range from Pacific Energy

100% made in Canada to the strictest EPA standards, the New range of Wood heaters offer outstanding performance and quality

With two sizes - there will be a Neo Insert right for your home...

Neo 1.6

.Heats 21+Sqrs
.15Year Warranty
.Dual Fans with Auto Start

Neo 2.5

.Heats 26+Sqrs
.15Year Warranty
.Dual fans wiht Auto Start

Cross Breed Stainless Baffle

Pacific Energy have patented a Stainless Steel top baffle that incorporates the secondary air – headed by the intense heat from your fire

What this does is increase the temperature of the air entering your fire from 200oC to over 600oC – which then incinerates any un burnt fuel ( the smoke ) into more heat…

The Cross Breed Baffle is the trick that makes the Neo Range of heaters

...Burn less wood
...Burn Longer
...Burn Cleaner
...Gives you an incredible flame pattern

Another standard feature is the fans.. yes fans ( there are two fans )

The fans are installed on the side of the heater – this reduces the dust from your hearth being spread all over your home

The biggest feature is the fan has a auto mode : meaning when the fan will only be on when the heater is hot…

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As At 1/02/2017.

NEO 1.6 Insert... $ 2,770.00
NEO 2.5 Insert... $ 3,380.00
Stainless Trim... $ 120.00/180.00
Deep Recess... $ 120.00

Zero Clearance:
Includes 3.6lm
Triple Skin Flue.
... $ 1275.00
ordered in with heater

  • Pacific Energy: Passion for Innovation

    For over 35 years, our mission has been to design and develop cleaner, more efficient, and more beautiful fireplace heating solutions. We are relentless innovators, with a tradition for challenging conventions, and overturning traditional assumptions. In fact, many of our inventions have become standard components throughout our industry. Our dedicated team of engineers and craftspeople—based here in British Columbia—continue to improve on the state-of-the-art for cleaner, longer-burning, environmentally-responsible woodburning fireplaces, and energy-efficient, esthetically-pleasing gas fireplaces. We are proud of what we do, and it shows.