Esse Electric Range Cookers

The Esse Electric Range cookers are like nothing else on the market

With a quality never seen before, the ESSE Electric Ovens have stunning Cast Iron and enamel front and doors that hide the latest in easy cooking electric ovens

With 2 Models to Choose From

The BRAND NEW 990 EL - ESSE's latest Electric Range Cooker
It may look like a wood stove - it may be even built like a wood stove, but its all Electric...The 990EL 13amp cooker is the latest in state of the art electric range cookers: hand made English Quality

.Soooo much cooking - 3 Ovens
.Bake like a wood stove - but in an electric oven
.Electric Grill,
.Unique Hot Plate cooking
.Hidden Controls
.ESSE Hot Plate Covers

The Stunning, UK Award Winning, ESSE EL13Amp Electric Thermal Mass Cooker

It’s a stand out cooker – a true combination of all things brilliant

.It’s a Solid Mass Cooker
.Stunning cast ovens
.It has an induction hot plate
.It has a thermol mass hot plate
.Its got 2 True ovens
.And a good ol' fashion plate warmer

Unlike other Solid Mass Cookers – it’s a plug in...ONLY 13Amps of power are needed to run this stunning cooker

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PRICING AS AT: 01/01/2017

ESSE 990 EL 13amp... $ 16,390.00
ESSE 905 EL13... $ 14,390.00

Standard Colour ($0.00)
Premium Colours - add... $2,000.00 (see pivot website)

990mm S/Steel Splashback... $550.00
1490mm S/Steel Splashback... $850.00


  • ESSE... Master Stove Makers since 1854
    Every cooker and stove is hand built in Britain with pride, just as they have been for... 160 years

    Range Cookers:
    Are you thinking.... A Wood-fire Cooking Range with Energy Efficiency ?... A Cooker with a Glass Door so it can help heat your home ?... Or would you like a Cooker with a Boiler to heat Radiators ?... Or maybe an Electric Induction hob and Electric Ovens ?... Whatever your priority, you’ll find an ESSE in a style and fuel type to suit you and your home....

    Choose an ESSE and you choose flavorful roasts cooked to perfection, beautifully-baked bread and the perfect piece of mouth-watering cheese on toast.