Esse Plus 500 Hot Cupboard

The ESSE 500 hot cupboard
New from esse - the 500 Hot Cupboard that gives you extended preparation surface + 2 x warming ovens to keep your food warm and ready for when you need to eat

What is the 500 Hot Cupboard?.... The Esse 500 Hot Cupboard is a 500mm wide add on to any Esse cooker

Need more bench space - Try the Anodised Top.... Designed for use on the left hand side of any ESSE Range Cooker, the Anodised bench top gives you more bench space to prepare your food ready for your esse.

Upgrade to an Induction Top.... An optional 3 Zone induction hot plate can transform your Hot Cupboard to an all round summer/winter cooker.

Esse 500 Hot Cupboard has 2 x warming ovens.... Two warming ovens are heated simultaneously via one electrical element accommodates oven dish's 442mm x 340mm. TOP Oven temperatures set to reach 85 - 90oC (minimum temperature for cooking meats 62 - 63oC).

Features.... The 500 hot cupboard can be used as a stand-alone unit or installed to the left hand side of any other ESSE enamelled range cooker. It requires nothing more than a standard 13 amp source to power its 400 watt element and is available in the full range of 22 colours.

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PRICING AS AT: 01/01/2017

Plus 500 Hot Cupboard with
Anodised Top... $ 5,390.00

Plus 500 Hot Cupboard with 3
Zone Induction Top... $ 6,480.00



Height... 900mm
Width... 500mm
Power Requirements... Standard 13Amp Source
Plug in Power... Only one plug socket required
Power... 400 watt element
Oven Temperatures... Temperatures reach 85-90oC
Extended Bench Top... Anodised black aluminium top

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