Esse 990 Series Wood Stove

The Esse 990 is a very unique wood stove - offering 3 true cooking ovens and a designated Wood Only fire Box that doubles up with its Glass Door as a serious heating cooker

With 2 Models to choose from...

990WN - Standard with the Glass firebox Door; no hot water heating
990WD - Standard with the Glass Firebox Door; 3 true cooking ovens and a 4kW Hot Water Boiler
990CH - ESSE 990CH has been discontinued

The 990 Wood Stove is perfect for the homes that need a serious wood stove - that heats and the unique Glass Door over the firebox allows this cooker to heat up to 6-8 Sqrs

.Available with or without domestic hot water
.Width 990mm wide
.Wood burning only
.900 tall and 600 deep to fit into a fitted kitchen.
.Top oven 48 litres Bottom ovens both 32 litres.
.Dog bone hot plates; super-size dogbone accommodates over six pans.
.Inner glass door allows more heat into room when outer cast door is open.
.Color co-ordinated handles optional.
.Thermodial 0-300C.
.Massive log capacity 450mm long
.1.7Grm at 72% with seasoned wood Efficiency.
.Optional Splash Back and Range Hood

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PRICING AS AT: 01/01/2017

ESSE 990 WN (DRY)... $13,390.00

ESSE 990 WD with 3kW Wet Back... $ 13,880.00

ESSE 990 CH... has been discontinued
ESSE BCU... $ 1,100.00

Standard Colour ($0.00)
Premium Colour... add... $2,000.00 (see pivot website)

990mm S/Steel Splashback... $650.00
990mm / 1490mm RangeHoods... $3,890.00 / $4,390.00
Enamel Flue... $185.00



A larger dogbone hotplate accommodates over six pans and an additional oven gives the 990 an extra 40% or 32 litres oven cooking capacity above the classic ESSE three door range.
This Cooker is perfect forthe large family : looking for a cooker to feed the masses - as well as heat...
Available with a hot water jacket to heat hot water only

Height: 900mm
Width: 990mm
Depth: 600mm

Top RH Oven Specs...
Height: 430mm
Width: 325mm
Depth: 445mm
Rack Positions: 4
Oven Racks: 1
Cooking Oven: Yes

Bottom RH Oven Specs...
Height: 200mm
Width: 340mm
Depth: 460mm
Ltrs: 25Ltrs
Shelf Heights: 2
Cooking Oven: Yes

Bottom LH Oven Specs...
Height: 200mm
Width: 340mm
Depth: 460mm
Ltrs: 25Ltrs
Shelf Heights: 2
Cooking Oven: Yes

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