ESSE 905 Series Wood Stove

The Esse 905 Series Cooker is the upgrade to the Esse 900 model -
and it still is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding cookers on the market

First for Australia a wood stove with a difference...

Low Carbon Emission Wood Stove....With a single Ash Bed Fire Box and the ESSE Patterned After Burner offering the Lowest Carbon emission wood stove available
74% Efficient
2 True Ovens
Ash Bed Design Fire Box
Solid cast Iron Wood Stove
Highest quality enamel finish
Highest efficient Burning Wood Stove in the world
Takes 450mm Long Wood
Dog Bone Hot Plates
Polished Hot Plate Covers as Standard
Center Flue
5kw Wet Back Option

Cream - Black Other colors available as special Orders

One of Australia's most loved cookers on the market, the Esse 905 wiht its massive forebox, and 2 true cooking ovens, this stove will out cook, out burn and out perform any other cooker on the market

A real cooker for a true lover of baking..

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PRICING AS AT: 01/01/2017

ESSE 905 WN with No Hot Water... $ 11,390.00

ESSE 905 WD with 5kw Hot Water... $ 11,880.00

ESSE 905W35 has been discontinued
ESSE BCU... $ 1,100.00

Standard Colour ($0.00)
Premium Colour... add... $2,000.00 (see pivot website)

905mm S/Steel Splashback... $550.00
990mm / 1490mm Range Hood... $3,890.00 / $4,390.00
Enamel Flue... $185.00



With 3 models to choose from...

The ESSE 905 WN Wood Stove has No Hot Water
The ESSE 905 WD Wood Stove has a 5Kw Domestic Wet Back
The ESSE 905W35 has been discontinued

Height: 900mm
Width: 905mm
Depth: 600mm
Flue Size: 150mm

Firebox Specs...
Height: 320mm
Width: 200mm
Depth: 480mm
Type: Ash Bed
Firebrick Lined: Yes
Overnight Burn: Yes

Main Oven Specs...
Height: 310mm
Width: 360mm
Depth: 460mm
Racks Positions: 4
No of Racks: 1 + Roasting Dish

2nd Oven...
Height: 200mm
Width: 360mm
Depth: 460mm
Rack Positions: 2
No of Racks: 1
Cooking oven: Yes

  • ESSE... Master Stove Makers since 1854
    Every cooker and stove is hand built in Britain with pride, just as they have been for... 160 years

    Range Cookers:
    Are you thinking.... A Wood-fire Cooking Range with Energy Efficiency ?... A Cooker with a Glass Door so it can help heat your home ?... Or would you like a Cooker with a Boiler to heat Radiators ?... Or maybe an Electric Induction hob and Electric Ovens ?... Whatever your priority, you’ll find an ESSE in a style and fuel type to suit you and your home....

    Choose an ESSE and you choose flavorful roasts cooked to perfection, beautifully-baked bread and the perfect piece of mouth-watering cheese on toast.