Tasmanian Range Cooker supplies at Heffernan's Domestic Heating

Cast Iron Range Cookers at Heffernans Domestic Heating... Showroom 266 Argyle Hobart, Tasmania
Cast Iron Range Cookers with features such as Cast Iron Hobs, one, two or three Ovens, even some with Glass Doors for direct radiant heat into your kitchen area, you can beat rising electric and gas prices and have your heating, cooking and with various Hot Water options complete hot water supply from the one source. You can even combine your cooker with solar hot water or hydronic heating systems.

For those who require the convenience of Electricity or a combination of cooking energy, Esse Cookers are available with Electric Ovens and a hob with two different styles cooking... One induction hot plate, one solid mass hot plate or what about an add-on unit to a full wood cooker with a hot cupboard featuring electric warming ovens and an anodised bench top or induction hob.

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