Australian Made... Heatlie Plate BBQs

These very practical, low maintenance & extremely hard wearing, quality BBQs are available in a range of sizes, in your choice of deluxe stainless steel or powder coated finish to suit your requirements.

All Heatlie BBQs include the superior Ribbon Burner System which uses two precision machined burners to produce a superb, more even heat than the five burner BBQ.

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»» Australian Made
»» Environmentally friendly and excellent value for money because they are a high quality,
long lasting product.
»» Robust – bullet proof (Used in commercial applications)
»» Available in two finishes. Stainless Steel and Powder Coated. Powder coated models are available in claret and black.
»» Available in three plate sizes:
»» 700mm, 850mm and 1150mm wide x 520mm deep.
»» Choice of different hotplates. You can choose 5mm, 10mm or 20mm mild steel plate or
10mm stainless steel plates.
»» All Heatlie barbeques have the unique ribbon burner system.
»» 10 year warranty for domestic use barbecues and 1 year warranty for commercial use.
»» Available in LPG or Natural Gas
»» Accessories available