Bosch HydroPower Gas Hot Water

Bosch HydroPower hot water systems are available in flow rates of 10, 13 and 16 L/min, in Natural or LP Gas.

These systems use power created by water flow to ignite the burner.... NO PILOT... and no need for mains power... ideal for a shed or shack

They are available in External ( No Flue Required ) and Internal models which will require fluing to outside.


.HydroPower ignition – heats water only when required
.Continuous flow technology
.Delivers up to 16 L/min at a 25°C temperature rise
.External or Internal installation
.No electricity or standing pilot light required
.Energy efficient
.Simple installation
.Comprehensive warranties

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Bosch HydroPower systems use the energy created by water flow through a small turbine to ignite the burner and begin the heating process. The system only ignites when a hot water tap is opened. Once the hot water tap is closed, the system turns itself off. This eliminates the need for a standing pilot light or electricity. Saving energy with hot water on demand as a result.

The principle for this revolutionary ignition system is to create an energy efficient appliance that is independent from electricity supply, saves on gas bills and is easy to install.

Colder climates
An Exogel valve is recommended for areas that drop to 0°C for short periods.