Hydronic Heating

HYDRONIC HEATING....using Natural Gas, L.P.Gas, Wood or Electricity

What is it & how does it work?

Hydronic heating, can provide you and your family with one of the most comfortable, quiet and cosy
central heating systems available.
Hydronic heating has been proven to provide a cleaner and safer environment, free of draughts and
noise, creating a more natural and even heat distribution throughout your home.

Asthma and allergy sufferers will likely benefit from a heating system that does not blow dust into
the air.

Hydronic heating equipment and systems can be operated with a variety of different fuels.
The hot water heating units, commonly known as boilers, can be manufactured to operate on
Natural Gas, L.P.Gas, Wood or Electric, while Wood Heaters and Range Cookers can be
fitted with Wetback/Boilers
. This gives you flexibility to tailor a system
to fit your requirements.

Water is heated by these units and circulated through pipe work connected to
DeLonghi Hydronic Panel Radiators installed throughout your home.
The heat is transferred from each of these radiators by natural convection and radiated heat
and the panels are sized according to the areas to be heated.

Temperatures in each area or room throughout the home can be controlled individually if required
or by a centrally located programmable room thermostat.

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