Bosch Highflow Range

Bosch are proud to present the latest technology in gas hot water systems, the new Bosch. The new Bosch Highflow range are the most advanced continuous flow gas water heaters to be sold in Australia and New Zealand and are the pinnacle of hot water technology.

The new range is available in 17, 21 and now the higher 26 litre per minute flow rates, to ensure that you never run out of hot water! Representing the cutting edge of water heating innovation, the new Bosch Highflow range boasts the highest star ratings on the market today. With a minimum 5.5 Star energy rating on every Electronic Highflow system, these environmentally friendly units with not only reduce running costs today but will help preserve the environment for tomorrow. Additionally, you can now enjoy complete control over your hot water by installing up to 4 optional temperature controllers. This allows precise control of water temperature throughout the kitchen, bathroom, laundry and en suite.

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Benefits of the new Highflow range:

• Minimum 5.5 star energy rating
• Continuous flow technology – never run out of hot water
• Compact, space saving
• All new Highflow models are capable of utilising up to 4 optional temperature controllers
• Suitable for 1-3 bathroom homes
• 50°C limited models available
• Antifrost as standard on all models
• External installation
• Extensive Warranty: 10 year heat exchanger (party only) and 3 year parts and labour