Rinnai Energysaver® Power Flued Heaters

The Rinnai Energysaver® is the perfect choice if you want the best in comfort, safety and efficiency in heating

.Efficiency rating between 4.2 - 4.8 Stars - amongst the highest available for flued space heaters, reducing your heating costs
.Superior indoor air quality with zero emissions into the room - perfect for those who may be susceptible to allergies or respiratory problems
.Power Flued allowing flexibility with multiple installation options
.Full Electronic Thermostatic Control. Select a desired temperature which is then maintained by the heater
.Dual Digital Timers allow for on and off programming for both mornings and evenings
.Pre-heat Mode ensures your room is pre-heated by the time programmed
.Economy Mode allows the heater to modulate down after 1 hour when set temperature is reached. Reduces running costs with no noticeable change in temperature
.Inbuilt Humidifier Tray, easy way to humidify indoor air for greater comfort
.Child Lock prevents unwanted access
.Remote Control for simple on/off and temperature control for added convenience


For more product information visit the Rinnai Website... www.rinnai.com.au

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  • Heffernans are proud to be a Rinnai Premium Flame Fire Dealer and can bring to you a showroom experience that can reflect your in-home installation and design requirements

    Following Rinnai's international origins dating back more than 80 years, Rinnai Australia was established in 1971 and since then has been providing Australians with the best solutions to their gas appliance needs. Rinnai Australia has the world's most advanced heating systems and, as always, our pursuit is to provide you with the most energy efficient, advanced products for your needs.