Heat & Glo Supreme-I30 Gas Insert

NEW RELEASE... now availble as ZERO CLEARANCE... easily installed into a timber and plaster enclosure.

Heat & Glo Supreme-I30 Insert...
Designed as an insert into existing fireplaces or can be optioned with a zero clearance kit for installation into a new build. Heat & Glo Supreme-I30 is a Balanced Flue fireplace, featuring a heat exchange system that circulates warm air around your room and an airtight firebox that draws its air for combustion from outside, not relying on oxygen from within the room.

. Innovative Engineering
. Radiant and Fan Forced Output
. Heats approx… 6 to 8 Squares
. IntelliFire™ Ignition System
. Multi-Function Wireless Control
. Designed as Fireplace Insert with optional Zero Clearance Kit
.Balanced Flue Technology
.Fireplace Safety Screen
.Battery Back-Up... with masonry installation
.Front Surround Options

The Heat & Glo Supreme-I30 is a great way to transform your drafty fireplace into a beautiful, efficient source of warmth.
A unique footprint enables the Supreme to fit into many smaller fireplace openings, too.


.New Realistic campfyre 6 piece 'ceramic fibre' logset with glowing embers
.Balanced flue, unique flexible flue designed for existing chimneys
.Air tight combustion chamber for indoor air quality
.Multi function remote control adjusts flame height and fan speed
.Gas input rate: up to 32mjH
.High efficiency 84% USA steady state rating
.Standard with DF Mesh Front & Surround

IntelliFire Plus RC300
Incorporates an LCD screen, intuitive menus and large control buttons in a sleek and modern design. This wireless control gives you the flexibility to use as a remote only or mount on the wall anywhere in the room.
.Auto Battery Backup
.Pilot Activation
.5 Step Flame Height
.3 Step Fan Speed & Off
.Room Temperature Readout
.Thermostat Mode
.Timer Mode
.Child Lock
.Wall Docking Station

  • In 1992 Jetmaster introduced Heat & Glo the first Direct vent balanced flue gas fire onto the Australian market - another revolution. Heat & Glo balanced flue gas fires offer even more versatility with straight out the back venting options or various other versatile Horizontal and Vertical flueing options. Jetmaster-Heat & Glo gas fires also draw their air from outside for burning never taking oxygen or warmed air from the room - brilliant for your indoor air quality.