Heat & Glo Balanced Flue Gas Flame Fires

Glass fronted, High efficiency space heaters. Direct venting with various versatile horizontal and vertical venting options. Ideal when a vertical flue is impossible or difficult to install. Seven Inbuilt sizes, Two Double Sided, Free Standing and Fire Place Insert options....

New release... MEZZO The elegant new landscape Mezzo from Heat &Glo boasts a distinctive, clean, modern design with a minimalistic surround. Every corner, every edge and every element of the Mezzo is all about perfection.

The XLR Plus is a modern marvel.Downtown ,uptown and everywhere in between,when looks matter its your style.Mix and match with modern decor.A fireplace so cool,its hot and highly efficient at setting the mood.

Designed as an insert into existing fireplaces the Supreme I30 is a Balanced Flue fireplace, featuring a heat exchange system that circulates warm air around your room and an airtight firebox that draws its air for combustion from outside, not relying on oxygen from within the room.

The New Cosmo I30 Balanced flue insert features a unique reflective black glass refractory liner that displays the exceptional angles of the contemporary ribbon of flames surrounded by your choice of modern media including pebbles or crushed coloured glass pieces.

The Freestanding VRTIKL encompasses sleek lines and contemporary style with the practicality, efficiency and installation simplicity of a balanced flue gas fire. It features a parabolic design and a stylish curved glass panel. Heat is delivered by natural convection with no need for a fan.

The popular SL550 along with the SL350 and 6000TRSI gas fireplaces from Heat & Glo feature realistic campfyre log set and balanced flue technology. They draw 100% of their combustion air from outside, not relying on oxygen from within the room.

The Heat & Glo STHVBI See Through gas log fire is the perfect unit for those wanting an efficient, easy to install 'see through' gas fireplace. The balanced flue technology offers simple installation and a wide range of design possibilities.

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.Zero clearance Installation
.IntelliFire ignition system provides fuel savings and easy operation
.Airtight combustion chamber for indoor quality
.Balanced flue, vertical or horizontal termination
.Realistic campfyre ‘fibre cement’ logs or Pebble options with selected models.
.Front options
.NG and LPG.

  • In 1992 Jetmaster introduced Heat & Glo the first Direct vent balanced flue gas fire onto the Australian market - another revolution. Heat & Glo balanced flue gas fires offer even more versatility with straight out the back venting options or various other versatile Horizontal and Vertical flueing options. Jetmaster-Heat & Glo gas fires also draw their air from outside for burning never taking oxygen or warmed air from the room - brilliant for your indoor air quality.