BLACKHEAT ® Radiant Tube

Roberts Gordon Blackheat low intensity unitary radiant tube heaters help provide comfort, while facilitating reduced energy consumption. The sun does not heat the earth's atmosphere directly; rather its radiant rays heat the earth, people and objects.

Roof suspended or wall mounted low intensity gas fired radiant tube heaters designed for all indoor commercial and industrial space heating applications. Smaller models may also be used for outdoor smoking areas, restaurants etc.

Low Intensity Gas Tube

Gas fired low intensity radiant tube heaters produce infra red radiant heat from a large surface [tube] area, and are ideal for situations where there is ample wall or ceiling / roof space. Radiant tube heaters are available for operation on Natural and/or LP gases and supplied in straight, 'U' shape or 'double ended' DL patterns.

Heaters feature:
.Compact burner and fan assembly
.Aluminised steel emitter tubes
.Stainless steel tube couplings
.Brushed aluminium high efficiency profiled reflectors

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