Archer High Efficiency Gas Log Fires

Archer Series 7 & 9 Flat Glass and Series 3 Bay Window Models.


  • Heats up to 180 to 250 sq m***
  • Australian Made
  • Powered Flue Technology
  • Zero Clearance
  • Three Heat Settings
  • Automatic 3 Speed Fan
  • Electronic Ignition - No Pilot Light
  • Automatic Humidifiers
  • Choice of Colours
  • Reduces Greenhouse
  • Optional Remote Thermostat
  • Installs Anywhere, using PVC Flue
  • Ducted System Available

Archer Gas Log Fires are available as inserts or freestanding units. The inserts can be installed into an existing fireplace or a new timber/plaster wall or timber joinery unit. The heaters can be flued vertically, horizontally or down thru the floor and out under the house which means they can suit a variety of installation options.

Please explore the Archer website carefully and discover why Archer Gas Log Space Heaters are superior to other gas log space heaters on the market today...The world’s most efficient gas log space heaters with the highest energy star rating....

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Archer Features...
. Energy Star Rating... 5.4 - 5.7 Energy Star Rating is the highest Star rated product available in the world today.
. Revolutionary Patented Triple Heat Exchanger
. PVC co-axial flue system will give you the added benefit of using external combustion air
. 40mm PVC single flue system gives you unlimited installation advantages.
. Computer Controlled Safety and Efficiency Hot Surface Ignition (H.S.I.) Module
. Zero Clearance Installation... Due to the revolutionary heat exchange system
. Low cost versatile installation
. Mantel Options... Select traditional or contemporary designs to suit your style
.Up to 7.5kw output for series 3 & 7 and 11.5kw for series 9
.Combustion Efficiency..92%
.Fan... Automatic 3 speed
.***Heating Areas... Series.3 & 7 Up to 180 sqm / Series.9 Up to 250 sqm... (on Natural Gas subject to insulation, ventilation, heater location, etc...)
.Automatic Humidifier... Standard
.Clearance... Zero clearance to all surfaces
.Surround Options
.Painted Finish Options
.Optional Remote