Heat & Glo MEZZO Series Gas Fireplace

The MEZZO is modern design, redefined.

Details matter, every corner, every edge and every element of the MEZZO is all about PERFECTION... Flames, Lights, Reflections and Warmth all combine to elevate the sensors.
The black glass interior adds depth and intensity to the fire, so CAPTIVATING, we dare you to take your eyes off it !

With models from 1 meter long, up to an impressive 1.6 meters...

1000 Single Sided
1300 Single Sided
1300 SeeThru Double Sided
1600 Single Sided

. Balanced Flue
. LED ambient burner lighting
. 1000 & 1300 with one in-built fan, 1600 supplied with twin fans and 1300ST supplied with one Heat Zone ducting kit
. Air tight combustion chamber for indoor air quality
. Multi function remote control adjusts flame height, fan speed and LED Lighting
. Optional Log or Pebble Burner Media
. Trim Options

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  • In 1992 Jetmaster introduced Heat & Glo the first Direct vent balanced flue gas fire onto the Australian market - another revolution. Heat & Glo balanced flue gas fires offer even more versatility with straight out the back venting options or various other versatile Horizontal and Vertical flueing options. Jetmaster-Heat & Glo gas fires also draw their air from outside for burning never taking oxygen or warmed air from the room - brilliant for your indoor air quality.