Gazco Riva2 670 Series Electric Flame Effect Fire

Eye-catching electric fires....

Designed to fit a wide variety of installation options, the versatile Riva2 670 electric fires can either be recessed into a pre-constructed hole, hearth-mounted into a traditional fireplace opening or alternatively, there is also an option to hang this electric fire on the wall using a wall mounting box.

Offering up to 2kW of high efficiency heat output, these landscape electric fires are available with a stunningly realistic fuel effect and convenient remote control and the option to enjoy the flames without any heat at all. There is also a choice of contemporary frames to further enhance your home’s styling possibilities.

Frame Options...
Designio2 Steel Fascia in Graphite
Designio2 Glass Fascia in Black
Evoke Glass Fascia in Black
Verve XS Fascia in Black

The highly realistic fuel bed is enhanced by Gazco’s stunning flame-effect, offering all the ambiance of a real log flame in the modern convenience of a high efficiency electric fire.

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Riva2 670...
Designio2 Graphite… $ 1,820.00
Designio2 Glass… $ 2,220.00
Verve XS… $ 2,120.00
Evoke Glass … $ 2,520.00

Wall Mount Kit... $169.00


Model... Heating efficiency... Heat output (kW)... Chimney...
Riva2 670... 99%... 1kW - 2kW... No Chimney Required

  • It’s never been so easy to get the warm inviting atmosphere of a real flame fire with all the convenience, versatility and efficiency of electric.

    Using the latest Flame-Effect Technology, Gazco has created a beautiful range of fires that provide a versatile and stunning focal point for any home – and all without the need of a chimney!