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Products built by Pyroclassic (1) and available at Heffernan's in Hobart, Tasmania.


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Enjoy a cleaner, warmer and more efficient home with a Pyroclassic Fire.

What is a Pyroclassic Fire?
From all available independent tests, reports and reviews the Pyroclassic IV is consistently chosen as the number 1 top performer, it will provide you with up to 15kW of both radiant and convection heating directly into your home which is more than enough for homes up to 200-250m2 or 2500 sq feet, it can supply enough hot water for the largest of families and will also give you a means of cooking in various ways.

Fundamentally, the Pyroclassic IV is a heat store, a very, very good one.
With over 40kgs of ceramic heat storage capacity it has the ability to recover masses of excess heat generated by a hot, bright fire inside its thick cylindrical fire chamber, it is this heat storage capacity that gives the Pyroclassic IV its ability to release heat into your home all night, every night

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